Should we flee or defend our cities in the face of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise?

Flooding in Miami after Tropical Storm Eta. Source: Miami Herald

The institutionalization of real estate and the rise of ‘placeless’ places

Fenwick, a 310 unit apartment building in Silver Spring, Maryland. Source: SK + I

Making sense of what’s going on in the housing market

Row homes in DC’s Bloomingdale neighborhood. Source: Curbed DC

Technology should be in the service of people, not the other way around

Rendering of Sidewalk Toronto’s Quayside Development in Toronto. Source: Sidewalk Labs

A westian take on the state of American places.

Artwork for Kanye’s smash hit Stronger. Source: Daft Punk Anthology

Displacement is the real enemy. The only way to solve it is more housing and better protections.

“Gentrify This!!!” billboard Source: Newcastle University Urban Design

An aerial view of Charleston Source: My talented friend Will Fontaine (@Will_Fontaine on Instagram)

The power of first impressions

Entry Hall of the Original Penn Station. Source: Viewing NYC

Pedestrians and bicyclists take in the scenes of outdoor diners in Lower Manhattan. Source: AM New York

The Death of Cities has been greatly exaggerated.

How people are neurologically attracted to certain things, and why we should seek to make places as instagrammable as possible

Amsterdam Row homes along a canal lined with trees
Amsterdam Row homes along a canal lined with trees
Good materials, human scale, visual stimuli and nature on display in Amsterdam. Source: Amsterdam Stroller

Coby Lefkowitz

Passionate about cities and the potential to create better places at the intersection of Real Estate Development & Urban Planning. Twitter: @cobylefko

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